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Advanced Rebar Applications specializes in the production of two products, rebar placing documents and their associated material listings. Through 2005 to 2007, our staff has detailed over 210 different projects totaling 23 million pounds of reinforcing steel. Our mission is to provide accurate drawings in accordance to nationally recognized standards of practice. Further, we are accountable to our clients needs and requests, knowledgeable regarding our field, our product and our service.

ARA has experience in a variety of detailing applications. With a multitude of completed projects, in various geographic regions and scope, we can assist you in meeting your customer's needs. Often, we identify issues of constructibility, fabrication and installation, prior to the critical time of fabrication, delivery and install. Structures detailed include: cast in place structural slabs and beams, both on grade and elevated, pile caps and footings, foundation walls, retaining walls, circular tanks, bridges and CMU/Ivany block masonry unit walls

Customer service is the goal of our company. We look to meet your schedule, not ours. We are available to answer any question you have regarding the detailing, fabrication or installation of concrete reinforcing steel.

Services are rendered on conditions determined at project initiation. Rates can be determined based on scope, timetable and size of project. Call for further information.

For a better understanding of the use of reinforcing bar in concrete, watch this informational video presented by the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI)

The role of the rebar detailer as per the CRSI. (EDR 38)

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