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Goodbye 60 ksi, Hello 75 ksi?
See the recent article in ENR magazine.

Basalt Fiber Rebar?
You may have heard of fiber reinforced polymer bars. But what about Basalt Fiber bars? They are an new product now testing in Ireland. See the recent article in ENR magazine. Or a short video link Rebar Redone

ENR Highlights
An article regarding high strength rebar (90 ksi and 100 ksi) was published. It focused on a Seattle engineer and his projects incorporating the material in high-rise construction. See the article here, or link here. Members of ARA worked with this engineer on the Buffalo Waterfront Condominium project last spring.

Past projects continue to surface. This week in ENR magazine. In a special section related to Bridges, a past project, the Bayonne Bridge Abutment Rehabilitation was highlighted. See the article here. The existing 2' of the abutment was removed, drilled and anchors placed through than tensioned. The removed sections were than reinforced and recast. A 650 ton project utilizing epoxy and stainless clad reinforcing bars. It also won a 2008 award of Excellence in Bridge Rehabilitation from PTI.

Erik Polkowski of Advanced Rebar recently attended a meeting of the Structural Engineers Association of Ohio held in Clevland, OH. CRSI is promoting the constructability of concrete and highlighting case studies in High Performance Concrete. See the Efco news listed below relating to ARA and the use of Self Consolidating Concrete. Concrete isn't just a bag of Sakrete in a backyard hole anymore. Great talk and presentation. Advanced Rebar Applications was also recognized by the CRSI as a recent member to the organization. See the article here.

Technology's place at the construction site
Looking for an interesting read. Try this. "CAD is just another tool, like a pipe wrench. There are things it’s good for, and things it’s not." The article is written by Jamie Hyneman of the Discover Channel show Mythbusters. He asks and makes a good point about how CAD, without the underlying background experience and knowledge, is just a tool, not the replacement. Many fields, construction included, are hiring "Software Technologists" instead of the professionals who have the knowledge of adapting book smarts with the real world street smarts. We see it in reinforcing steel details and call it constructability. How does the contractor get a 4' form off a wall that has 48' hooks projecting into the slab each direction? Food for thought. Find the article here.

The ARA Info-Pak
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Erik Polkowski recently attended a continuing education accredited seminar in Rochester, NY hosted by CRSI and lead by Great Lakes regional coordinator Tony Johnson, PE. An additional seminar was held in Syracuse and is planned for Buffalo. The purpose is to promote building value and efficiency in concrete. If you are interested in a similar seminar, please contact our office and Erik can get your information forwarded to CRSI. Information is power.

ARA actively supports a stimulus plan for infrastructure revitalization. As reported by CNN, the American Society of Civil Engineers graded the infrastructure in America with a D. It is in urgent need of upgrade and repair. Contact your local Federal representatives and stress the need to re-invest in America.

Project in the News
EFCO publishes a trade magazine that highlight the applications and implementations of its concrete forming system. In a recent edition, an ARA project, the Children's Hospital Medical Research Building project in Philadelphia, PA was in the spotlight. This project was completed by Madison Concrete and was a two phase project. Phase One consisted of 1600 tons of rebar for a 4 story substructure and foundations. Madison tied 30 foot wide by 60 foot tall rebar panels, on the ground than lifted them into place by crane. This allowed for safer installation. They would than pour that segment of wall using self consolidating concrete. A copy of the article by EFCO and a photo of a section of erected wall is listed here. Phase Two consisted of 250 tons of rebar for an 12 story superstructure (Slab on metal deck). Samples of three placing drawings, developed by ARA  can be reviewed here. (Two of substructure Shearwalls and ftgs, One of superstructure SOD)

The Darwin Martin Vistor Center located in Buffalo, NY has opened. The house was designed by Frank Llyod Wright for Darwin Martin, who worked for the Larkin Company. See the Buffalo News article announcing the opening.